Explore comprehensive tools and guides for facial recognition, identification, and reverse face search.

Today’s focus is on more than 15 online tools designed for finding individuals through facial matching. This topic has gained increased relevance due to the rise of AI, which both simplifies and complicates online search tasks, especially with the emergence of deepfakes. Despite the growth of the OSINT market, traditional reverse image searches using popular search engines yield poor results for finding individuals outside of well-known celebrities. While face recognition raises concerns about privacy and control, its practical applications in business and technology, such as compliance with regulations and anti-fraud measures, differ from its dystopian portrayals. The tools listed here are web-based with user-friendly interfaces, though some may require payment for higher accuracy.

Alamy Stock Photo: Ideal for verifying if images are stock photos, helpful for spotting suspected fake accounts or generic content on scam websites. [Link: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo]

Amazon Rekognition: Offers pre-trained and customizable computer vision capabilities, not limited to facial recognition, useful for comparing similarities between photographs. [Link: https://aws.amazon.com/rekognition]

Azure AI Vision: A comprehensive corporate product that includes optical character recognition and spatial analysis alongside facial recognition. [Link: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-au/products/ai-services/ai-vision]

Beyne: A newer player in the market, offering limited information on its website and suggesting consultation for further details. [Link: https://beyne.ai]

Clearview: A powerful tool primarily used by law enforcement or government agencies, despite privacy law breaches and significant fines. [Link: https://www.clearview.ai]

Espy: Part of a wider OSINT toolkit, untested personally but appears promising. [Link: https://espysys.com]

FaceCheckID: A free tool that scans faces across numerous platforms, boasting scanning capabilities against over 560 million faces online, albeit with variable results. [Link: https://facecheck.id]

FacePlusPlus: Mainly used in business settings, availability to individual clients unclear, offering intriguing solutions. [Link: https://www.faceplusplus.com/faceid-solution]

FindClone: Previously useful for searching the Russian internet, now impacted by sanctions against the Russian regime. [Link: https://findclone.ru]

Kairos: Positions itself as an “ethical vendor,” focusing on business and customer verification rather than wild OSINT. [Link: https://www.kairos.com]

Karma Decay: Tailored for Reddit, yet execution remains in beta mode with limited success observed during testing. [Link: http://karmadecay.com]

Pictriev: A free tool with potential, though current performance seems lacking and project abandonment is evident. [Link: http://www.pictriev.com]

Pimeyes: Decent but relatively expensive, ceased indexing social media profiles post Clearview controversy, impacting its previous effectiveness. [Link: https://pimeyes.com/en]

SauceNAO: Well-intended product but yields unsatisfactory results. [Link: https://saucenao.com]

Search4Faces: Effective for VK, OK, TikTok, and Clubhouse searches, despite a notable false positive rate, accessible for free. [Link: https://search4faces.com/en]

VK Watch: Designed specifically for V Kontakte, delivers results matching predefined parameters, though average performance observed. [Link: https://vk.watch]