How to Become an Ethical Hacker in 8 Months

1.Β Β  Start from the Basics (Month 1)

-Basic Computer Skills
-Intro to Cybersecurity
-CIA Triads
-Intro to Ethical Hacking
-Phases of Ethical Hacking.

2.Β  Learn Networking Concepts (Month 2)

-Network Basics
-IP and MAC Address
-OSI Model
-TCP and UDP

3.Β Β  Learn some Programming Languages (Month 3 & 4)

-Shell Scripting

4. Database Skills (Month 5)


5.Β  Get Hands-on Experience (Month 6 &7)

-Get well versed on Kali Linux
-Practice on Platforms like TryHackMe and HackTheBox e.t.c.

6.Β  Explore other Cybersecurity Techniques (Month 8)

-Password Cracking
-WI-FI Hacking
-Web Hacking
-Social Engineering
-Dark Web
-Google Dorking


Β Note- The Learning Process Never Ends…. It Keeps Going Like that