How to Remove Easybuy Security From Your Android Phone

The Security plugin is a system application found on Android phones that restricts administrative permissions.

How the Security Plugin Operates

The Security plugin poses significant risks to your phone, limiting your control over it to only 40%. Here’s what it can do:

  1. Disable the activation of developer options.
  2. Prevent you from performing a factory reset on your phone.
  3. Automatically reinstall itself after you use a third-party application to format your device.
  4. Lock any application on your phone.

How to Completely Remove the Security Plugin from Your Phone

Removing the Security plugin from your phone requires a few essentials, including internet access, a PC, and a USB cable. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the firmware for your phone.
  2. Obtain the necessary flashing tools.
  3. Consider using tools like “unlocktool” or “MTK client” for this purpose.
  4. Write the firmware file to your phone following detailed instructions, as provided in this link: TechMending Guide

Please be aware that this tutorial is intended solely for educational and developer purposes. Any misuse for illegal activities should result in appropriate legal actions.

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